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These are testimonials from real people. Our customers have good things to say about our system. If you are or do become one of our customers and would like to leave your feedback on this page, send us a message via the contact us link above explaining how you are satisified with our product.

"Great Program and Features! Best Value for this DVD Chart Plotting Software..." -Keith

"Very well thought out product. Great communication. Fast shipping"-Acorn

"DIGINAV gave superior support to configure GPS to work with software. Thank you guys!!!" -Gary

" I got the DVD right on time. Shipping was fast! I inserted the disk and had no problems getting everything working. Being able to use my GPS with it was my major concern but I was able to hook it up with no problems. I will be ordering an updated DVD next year for sure. This is GREAT! Thank You." -Dennis

Your navigation chart plotting program is terrific!
Let me count the ways:

1. My $20 program arrived within 3 days after I ordered it by phone.

2. It loaded on my lap-top computer easily.

3. The spoken tutorial was well done and easily understood.  This is an important feature for an old duffer like me who grew up on a farm in the 1940s.

4. I plotted my courses for 7 days on a rented yacht in the San Juan Islands at my leisure over a weeks time while I sat at home 316 miles away.  Distance of chosen courses is displayed on the dashboard.  This is a terrific feature.

5. I was able to use my own GPS receiver from MS Streets and Trips with the program.

6. With the Diginav charts being NOAA charts and looking exactly like paper charts, it was easy to keep track of my position.

7. There were high dollar, built-in plotters onboard, but I preferred to us my DIGINAV program.  I would have lost several hours plotting courses with onboard plotters.

8. Courses are easily changed while in route.

9. I could change the size of the charts so fathom readings and chart views were easily visible from 6 feet away from the computer screen.  This works well when on the fly bridge and using an auto pilot remote control.

10. My granddaughter was able to understand and follow the course using the enlarged GPS ship marker with the heading line.

I couldn't be more pleased with Diginav; it worked perfectly.

Thanks for your service.

-Lee Hart
Salem, Oregon

I bought your GPS package as a backup for a yacht delivery I was making. Of course, the on board GPS, radar, and spotlight failed (it's a boat!!)

I brought out my laptop which I had pre-downloaded the Diginav DVD to and never missed a beat. I am so thrilled with your product. I found it to be extremely user friendly. The Keyboard Shortcuts were a great asset.

I have just ordered another to give to a Captain friend and have referred your website to all my friends in the boating community.


-Captain Patraic  Currey
Palm Harbor, FL

Diginav is my primary GPS system preferred over my color handheld I keep in the cockpit while cruising Lake Michigan. This product is flawless and easy to use! My laptop makes it a go anywhere application to plan my course, set waypoints and recall cruising memories for years to come.

Thanks Diginav for a GREAT product and SUPERIOR customer service!

-Kevin Gorman
Racine, WI

SeaClear is a wonderful piece of software for boats of any size. Used with any laptop it can offer redundancy in the event of a power failure. The screen image is very detailed as it is the actual NOAA chart for the region you are in. The track feature is very handy and inputting waypoints is a breeze.

Used with a mouse or trackpad it is quicker to pan/zoom, set MOB, and identify targets than a standard chartplotter. Screen size is limited only by what screen you attach to your computer. The options are easy to set and you can attach a radar using an ARPA interface to have an overlaid image of radar contacts.

It is extremely easy to see at a glance where you are and what is around you, and I found it invaluable in dense fog off the Maine coast due to the ease of use and the excellent image quality (we have some very narrow passages around here and every second counts when you need to know what is around you RIGHT NOW).

The fact that it is fully portable is just icing on the cake. For me, I wouldn't leave the dock without it.

-Sheldon Arford
F/V Fundy Endeavor
61' Novi Dragger
Augusta, ME

I’ve been using the Diginav chart program for several years now and I can say from experience that it is far and away the best navigation program available.  I’ve used others which shall remain nameless but the accuracy, ease of use and available features put Diginav in a class by itself.  I highly recommend it for all Mariners, recreational and professional.

-Irvin “Bucky” Deihl
Abbeville, Louisiana

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