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Chart #1

Chart #1 is a reference page of the DVD menu. You can easily access this index directly from the main menu.

Click on the image to the left to get a better look at all the informative data such as rocks, wrecks, buoys, ports etc... You name it and its listed!

Don't worry about all those strange markings on the charts discouraging you when you can learn exactly what they mean in this section of the DVD!

Click on the images to get an actual size view.


Coast Pilot


Coast Pilot

The United States Coast Pilot consists of a series of nautical books (5 Pages) that cover a variety of information important to navigators of coastal and intracoastal waters and the Great Lakes.

Issued in nine volumes, they contain supplemental information that is difficult to portray on a nautical chart.

Topics in the Coast Pilot include channel descriptions, anchorages, bridge and cable clearances, currents, tide and water levels, prominent features, pilotage, towage, weather, ice conditions, wharf descriptions, dangers, routes, traffic separation schemes, small-craft facilities, and Federal regulations applicable to navigation.

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